Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Saturday, January 17, 2015

After placing the milk in the cart, Noa perused the list for the next item.

She watched Morrow check each of their nine-month-olds’ diapers and confirm neither twin needed to be changed.

On the endcap of a nearby aisle, Noa spotted a display of the cereal written on her list. She pushed the cart toward the boxed, which were blocked by two individuals with their backs toward her.

Before she could request a clearer path, one of the shoppers turned around.

He and Noa stared at each other, stunned.

Neither spoke, both fearing their spouses would recognize their true relationship.


Tuesday, January 1, 2019


[Mahlena wrote this short story. Tell a Friend. 🙆🏾]

“I was mean and ungrateful, and I apologize with this gift that I wrapped in a navy blue box to celebrate your masculinity in case you thought the book inside was patronizing. It's a book. It was supposed to be a surprise.”

Saturday, December 29, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Second Act with J.Lo and Leah Remini

1. Adorable.

2. I want a BFF like Leah Remini, on-screen and off-screen. Jennifer Lopez is lucky to have her.

3. Treat Williams needs to hire me to sell face cream.

4. Did Treat and Milo Ventimiglia reminiscence about The WB during down time on the set?

5. Vanessa Hudgens and J.Lo on the screen loving each other. 😭😭😭

Bonus! 6. The movie is being panned on Rotten Tomatoes, probably because it's about lady business, like

- Corporate espionage

- Baseball championships

- Surviving foster care

- Homelessness

- Old school rap

- Identity fraud

- Seasonal depression

- Nepotism

- The perceived value of higher education


- Rowing crew?

Nothing says, Ew, girl stuff, like yelling at muscular men while they paddle a boat. 🛶

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Mahlena's 25 Days of Christmas.🎄 Bonus! Day #26.

When Blair returns home to their town of Baltimore, Maryland, this intuitive bartender can’t help but run into Cameron, a chef who builds birdhouses in their spare time.

Will they resolve their differences and fall in love before the ravens fly south for the winter?


This holiday season, watch “I Want to Know (what Boxing Day is)”, starring Ruby Rose and Katherine Moennig, with Lou Diamond Phillips as Rick. 🎁🎅🏾


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Mahlena's 25 Days of Christmas.🎄 Day #25.

When Vincent returns home to his town of Vancouver, this easygoing veterinarian who loves pumpkin pie can’t help but run into Wallace, a web developer who grows roses in his spare time and prefers sweet potato pie.

Will they resolve their dessert differences and fall in love in Wallace's greenhouse before the petals fall?

I hope so.

This holiday season, watch “Someone Make this Movie Happen. Please.”, starring Simu Liu and Alexander Hodge. 🎁🎅🏾