Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Confessions of an Overachiever: I feel the fear, and I do it anyway.

"The ideal person for me to date would be blind, so that they wouldn't be scared away by the way I look." 
- Mahlena-Rae Johnson to herself for most of her life

I know what I want, and I go after it. Hard.

That often requires imagination, because I want a lot of big things and big ideas that don't get much representation in reality.

For instance, on my Dream Board, I created an image that says, "Billionaire Mum."

C'est moi!
Ou, ce sera moi.

There aren't that many mothers who are billionaires out there, and only one woman billionaire I know of who is black.

"It's meee!"

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How I created my family from scratch: Mahlena's Dream Board story

What is the ONE thing you would put on a Dream Board, 
if you knew it would DEFINITELY come true in 2 years?

This is not a story about how to find a husband.

I want to make that clear, because

1. Not everybody needs a husband. Most people don't.

2. This story is about much more than that.

3. I don't want to write a story telling you how to find a husband! There are already plenty of relationship coaches and matchmakers and weird old men out there telling women (and men) how to find a husband. That's not what this is about.

Steve Harvey, I'm looking at you. 
bt-dubs, Asian men are just as delightful as men from any other continent.

Back to my story.

In January of 2010, I was broken up with. Okay, calling it a break up would be generous. I was swiftly rejected by someone whom I thought I was going to have a relationship with. I was devastated. And I still had to get through my final semester of business school, an experience that also did not live up to my expectations.