Saturday, September 15, 2018


“But I want you. I married you!

[Mahlena wrote this drabble (i.e. 100-word short story)! Please leave a comment! 🙆🏾]

“Tell me what you heard me say.”

“He wanted you. You liked him. You felt powerful.”

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

This Genius: Tananarive Due

This Genius. 😏

Each week, For Nerdy Girls features an influencer, a thought leader, a trailblazer. This Genius inspires other colorful women around the world through innovation in communication. These are women working in television, film, podcasting, publishing, and other forms of media who should be celebrated on a global level. So we'll start by talking about these changemakers right here.

By we I mean me. That's me in the video below talking about who this week's Genius is and why I would like to have a coffee chat with them.

Let's watch. 👀

Who is this genius? 

Tananarive Due

What does she do?

Tananarive is an author, professor, and screenwriter.

Where can we find her?

If you would like to nominate a media innovator for This Genius, please let us know in the comments, or email us at ForNerdyGirls [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" 10 Celebrities who inspired Mahlena's Short Stories

Laith is super cute, y'all.
Number 9!

I have many things to say! 🙆🏾

Also, keep scrolling for the gifs!

Mahlena explains:

📝 1. How she writes 1 story every day. EVERY DAY!

📝 2. What's a drabble?

📝 3. Mahlena's Patreon! How YOU can read even more Romantic Comedy stories for Clever Ladies who enjoy Multicultural love interests.

Let's watch. 👀


Want to see the 10 celebrities inspiring these Romantic Comedy short stories on 😮

The Number 1 Celebrity who has inspired Mahlena on the visual list is...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


"We're strangers. Essentially. We can say whatever we want 
to each other, and it doesn't matter. In a good way."

[Mahlena wrote this short story. Tell a Friend!🙆🏾]

“The Hamptons.”

“In New York?”

“Not the place. My family. Although we have summered in Sag Harbor.”

Under the shade of a palm tree, Sasha handed Morrow a hair elastic.

He wrapped the yellow band around the fuzzy end of the French braid that he had just plaited on the side of her head. Then he picked up the wide tooth comb from their picnic blanket and detangle her pouf of 4B natural hair before staring on the other braid.

“Old Black money from the DMV. DC, Maryland, and Virginia,” Sasha explained. “Doctors, lawyers, politicians. Only respectable professions encouraged. No sports or entertainment allowed to sully the brand.”