Wednesday, January 30, 2019


“We’re fine now.” 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Noa consumed the rest of the chowder in her bowl.

“It must have been an adjustment,” Antonio presumed from the other side of the dining table.

Next to Antonio, Morrow spooned a dollop of smashed peas into his 10-month-old daughter’s mouth. “At first,” Morrow acceded, “however, the climate of the Naboombu dome is so well regulated, I forget we’re living on the floor of the Pacific Ocean.”

Noa buttered her bread. “I don’t.”

Seated on the other side of Antonio, Sasha looked up at the vent in the apartment’s vaulted ceiling. “We’re underwater, but the air is so clean. Better than our Australian breezes at home.”

“Probably the best filtration system in the world.” Morrow wiped Apple’s chin.

“While I’m here,” Sasha mused, “I could try facing my allergies without medicine. That Benadryl makes me sleepy.”

“Me, too,” Morrow concurred. “I hope the twins didn’t inherit my allergy genes. They’ve adapted well to the move.”

“What about Ryan?” Antonio blurted out. “And Nina? I’m sure they miss--” He cut himself off at Noa’s look of terror.

“Who are Ryan and Nina?” Sasha asked.

“Noa’s first son,” Morrow explained. “He’s 20. Finally stopped calling me ‘step-daddy.’ Nina is Ryan’s--”

Noa scraped her chair back. “I’m going to the bathroom.”


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