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“Oh my gosh, you’re here!” 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sasha squealed in the grocery store aisle to Noa and Morrow and the twins in the carriage.

“We are,” Noa nodded, desperately trying to focus on Sasha and avoid Antonio’s open-mouthed gaze.

Morrow squeezed Noa’s shoulders. “Alive and well and living in Naboombu.”

“We’re so happy to see you!” Sasha nudged her stunned husband. “Aren’t we?”

Antonio wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans. “You’re safe.”

“For now,” Noa replied.

“Hugs, please.” Sasha held out her arms, and Noa allowed her friend to hug her.

After Morrow and Antonio exchanged some manly back claps, Sasha wanted to switch. “Hug, Morrow?”

He obliged, leaving Noa and Antonio standing between the two shopping carts and the baby stroller wondering what to do next.

“Give her a hug, Antonio!” Sasha demanded, her arms around Noa’s husband, as she turned to look at the twins. “Are these your babies?”

Noa took a step towards Antonio.

Antonio trembled.

Their two bodies slowly found each other and meshed together in an outwardly chaste embrace.

“They are so cute!” Sasha gave each 10-month-old a coochie-coo.

Antonio whispered in Noa’s ear, “I--”

Before he could finish, Noa stepped back and took her place next to her husband.


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