Thursday, June 27, 2019


"I know it's called poutine. I've never had it before."

"But you've been here for three years, Lenny."

"Three months. Just over 90 days."

"Best time to move to Canada."

"What's the worst time to move, John?"

"January. Everyone's bummed out because the holidays are over, but it's still freezing outside. You haven't experienced your first Canadian winter?"

"It's only August, so not yet. I have a coat."

"California doesn't make gear for this type of weather."

"The company I ordered my parka from produces clothes for scientists in Antarctica."

"Toronto doesn't get that cold, Lenny."

"I like to be prepared."

"How did you prepare for our date?"

"Is this a date?"

"Someone's got jokes."

"I Googled your name, found about a thousand John Parks in the Greater Toronto Area, almost gave up until I saw your picture, then checked out your profile and discovered nothing disturbing or inconsistent. How did you prepare?"

"I washed my pants."

"That's it?"

"These are my good pants. The were dirty because I hadn't worn them in a while. I haven't date much since the divorce. Was I supposed to Google?"

"I haven't date much at all. Hand me your iPhone... Lenny Sturka isn't a common name, so... here I am."

"Oh wow."


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