Thursday, August 1, 2019


[Mahlena wrote this drabble (i.e. 100-word short story). Share with a Friend.🙆🏾]

“It’s only the second month.”

“I’ve read it gets better?”

Thatcher gripped the café counter. “How would you know?!”

February 2019

Sawyer withstood his wife’s rage. “Is the coffee smell making you nauseated?”

“No. I’m exhausted from gestating your embryo.”

Sawyer rubbed her tummy. “I feel it dancing inside.”

“It’s too early,” she scowled.

“Our child’s a prodigy.”

Mollified, she met his hand.

“Thatcher?” The barista held out their order, which Sawyer collected.

Thatcher snatched the bigger bag. “I’m eating all of these.”

“But I bought a baker’s dozen.”

She handed him one crumpet. “Here’s yours.”

“So gracious.”

“Next time? Your uterus.”


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